Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Day in the Life

I guess I was overly ambitious about coming back to post on this blog. Story of my life, you guys. I have been having a hard time though with first off getting myself out the door at a reasonable hour in the morning, then "working" all day (I'm still--still--a little slow), then coming home after maybe a 20-minute workout at the gym or the stairway at work (emphasis on maybe), feeding the toddler, nursing the baby, playing with the toddler, bathing the toddler, nursing the baby to sleep, eating grown-up dinner (possibly prepared by one of us, or possibly our favorite burrito place), and staying up long enough to make it through half an episode of the Bachelor. Then go to bed at a decent hour because I am going to be awoken not once but twice in the night by a hungry, hungry 4-month old. So I don't have much time to spend on the computer which is very stimulating and makes your body think it's day time because then I can't fall asleep. And then I can't wake up at a reasonable hour and we are back to step one. I am already on a strict no-caffeine diet unless you count chocolate for being too stimulating. I've made an exception tonight for computer time because I really need to send out a resume for a new job and an email to my dad asking for money. See what I mean? I've been overly ambitious about how much simultaneous parenting and working I am capable of, about how much house to buy, about my ability to not buy one with mold and prior water problems, and about my general ability to not suck at life. I don't really feel like I am hitting rock bottom or anything, but now that I've spelled it out maybe I should. :)

On a lighter note, now that Fat Tuesday is mostly behind us, I am determined (in probably an overly-ambitious sort of way) to not eat any sugar for 5 days in a row. Ever since the baby was born I have been eating a ton of sweets. I say it has something to do with nursing, which I do believe, but it could also be the fact that I love sweets and always have and I can't recall any time in my life when I wasn't trying to cut back on my dessert intake. I've completed these no-sugar binges before so I know I can do it. Of course today I've totally overdone it, in anticipation of the Starve starting tomorrow. I wonder: if I eat enough ice cream to cause shivering in my 65-degree house (trying to save some dough, yo), does the shivering cancel out the calories in the ice cream? I'm going with yes.*

*One bite of it.