Friday, October 2, 2015

Where We Are Now

Well, first, I recently went to my 20-year high school reunion. Are you kidding me? And would you believe that only one person got fat? Of course attendees are self-selected. "Some things never change," I said as I slid into a chair at the geeks' table later in the evening. Earlier in the evening I was trying hard to keep my panties dry while catching up with my old flame. He is still seriously really hot, you guys! As is true in most cases, the reunion benefited from low expectations, and I had a really good time.


LJ turned one last weekend. I swear the first year of your kid's life is shorter than 9 months (or 8.5 in my case) of pregnancy. He is walking competently and even started wrestling with Junior in the past few days. He laughs when you ask him questions and refuses to try to communicate with anything other than laughter (and screeching). Maybe we should be spending a little time teaching him how to clap? and stuff?


We're "going for the girl." It has nothing to do with LJ turning one, in fact we've been sort of "trying" since I weaned him, back at the end of April. Apparently you need progesterone to ovulate and get pregnant. And if you have low progesterone, it may not be your fault--or your husband's fault--that you don't ever feel like getting it on, which also doesn't help achieve pregnancy. Two more months will mark six months of "infertility," emphasis on the scare quotes here, and perhaps we will move on to interventions since I am 38 now (my profile is a lie). Maybe the supplements I haphazardly remember to take will start working (vitex/chasteberry), and/or maybe I will realize that it's okay to have a little break between kid 2 and kid 3. So we'll see. If I get pregnant again I will probably have another boy anyway.


I'm still dieting...tomorrow. Never today, always tomorrow. I read that sugar cravings are also symptoms of Low P. So it's not my fault.

Also as always, more updates later. I should just make that my signature. Junior napped today and is still up, but Frozen is over so he may be willing to finally go to bed. I better take him. G'night!

Legal Ed and Salaries

This sounds familiar:

And this, a myth:

Funny how these two articles were juxtaposed. It is the latter article that caused the former to occur.

I originally started this post in April and apparently was going to comment on it, but never got around to it. I'm still get getting around to it. Enjoy the articles!