Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Baby Is One!

It's really true that time flies when you have kids. It's like you blink and they are potty trained, going to kindergarten, onto high school, getting their learners' permit, applying to college, going on dates with girls. Or in my case, waking up in the middle of the night like a newborn. We went away for a week and now that we are back J is still readjusting. I am giving him one more night of waking up and nursing back to sleep. Then...NO MAS!

I let him nurse as much as he wanted to last week, and while he nursed often, I don't think he drank very much. The past two days when I've come home from work, though, it's all he wants to do. It's really sweet in a way, but then he still pinches and slaps me so it's not that sweet after all. I can't decide if we are ready to wean or not. I want my cycle (and sex drive--for the love!) back, but I'm not sure I'm ready to let go either! Tonight J was so crabby around 6/6:30 and while I considered just putting him to bed, I really wanted to go outside for a walk because it was cool and nice out. We took him in the Ergo because we still haven't figured out how to rig up the stroller with the new attachment--oh yeah, we got 31.5 inches out of the 32 available inches from the Graco SnugRide--and the adorable little bugger fell asleep. He woke up when I tried to transition him to his crib, and cried for a few minutes but has basically been asleep since 7:00. I didn't change him into a nighttime diaper so maybe I actually do want him to wake up tonight. I think he is still exhausted from traveling and being kept up late last week. But he was a good sport.

Re-entry impact sucked as usual and work is still S L O W, but I think I am back on track to not hate my job for at least a few more months. I didn't pump these past two days and in case you were wondering, I didn't miss it at all! My right boob was a bit full by the end of the day yesterday but I was still able to pack it into a sports bra and go for a run without pain. No complications today and no extreme fullness. Now if J will stop loving me so much when I get home I can maybe spend some more time loving on my husband and have some chance for success in trying to have another kid. :)

Oh yeah, pictures (unedited) of the birthday boy:

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