Friday, January 30, 2015

Life Is Not What-Not (edited title only)

As promised, it's time for a little boob talk. I've succumbed to the idea that LJ will be drinking some formula. In related news, I did just start cloth-diapering him. So, win some, lose some, Little Guy!

For the first three weeks back at work I pumped twice per day and was keeping up with his needs while I was gone. It was just. so. annoying. I made a plan to cut back at his 4-month birthday (or whatever you would call that). This week I reduced the pumping to once per day, with the goal being that by the end of next week I will not be pumping at all anymore. But you know, once per day is really not that bad. Although I can't believe I pumped for the whole year with Junior, especially after I learned that my friend pumps for 15-20 minutes and gets 10 ounces. It takes me two to three times that long! By the end of this week I was pumping at 2:00 for 30-35 minutes and getting 7-8 ounces. And as much as I hated pumping, of course, I didn't mind closing my door and having a little private time. So maybe I will keep this up for awhile? Maybe to six months? There is really no reason why I can't give my baby formula during the day. I guess I worry that I will lose my evening/night/morning supply if I cut all the way back during the day, because he is still so young. I thought I wasn't supposed to feel this much stress about breastfeeding with the second kid! I also think about the freedom of not nursing, and all the normal shirts I could wear. But then I think about the pregnant-looking muffin-top I have not tried to lose and now at least I have big boobs to counter balance it. Tried to not lose is more like it...I am embarrassed to even say how much sweets I eat just about every day. So maybe that's why I now sort of want to keep pumping: so I can keep eating whatever I want and not gain weight. I am probably getting one-third of my calories from chocolate and baked goods. Then I think if I stop nursing I a) won't be so hungry all the time, and b) will HAVE to eat better. That I will then actually lose the muffin top. The good news is I love vegetables and don't prefer fried food and almost never eat fast food, so aside from the abnormally excessive sweet tooth I have a good diet. But anyway...see how conflicted I am about breastfeeding? It's all very complicated. For some reason.

OK, so cloth diapers. We used a few so far, and by a few I mean that literally. I remember being so stressed about putting disposable diapers on Junior because of the chlorine and chemicals and whatever else that they are made with. Now I'm like, no shit, chemicals, how do you think a piece of paper absorbs all that liquid? But I did feel a little guilty about not even wanting to try the cloth because they did cost us like $400 and part of the reason for getting them was to save money on disposables, which doesn't exactly happen if you buy cloth diapers and put them away and use disposables. I don't know if we've already technically gotten our money's worth having used them almost exclusively with Junior for at least 6 months. Well, LJ leaks through his disposable diaper EVERY NIGHT and suddenly I remembered we have CLOTH DIAPERS. With extra hemp inserts. So I put one on, literally tonight for the first time. We'll see how it goes. He also blew out of two diapers in a row yesterday, though I was only present for the first one. They were both so bad that he actually had to have a bath after each one. He's a good sport though! So is Senior, who had a case of the pukes yesterday but had to deal with the second blow out all on his own.

Yeah, Junior and Senior were both sick this week, twice. They were puking on Monday, better by Tuesday, then Senior was puking again by Wednesday and Junior had to leave daycare early today due to diarrhea. He seems to be doing fine, Senior is back to normal, LJ has avoided it all and I am trying not to brag about my amazing immune system because so far I have avoided it all too. This winter has just really sucked with illnesses and cold and now snow and I wish we could just go outside more but we will have to be happy with running laps around the inside of the house instead I guess.

Speaking of the house...long story for another day. But generally speaking, though I love having wood floors on the second level, I would not buy another old house if given the opportunity (unless we're talking renovated farm house), mainly because I can't stand old house smell and I want to buy a new house now, please. (It's not mold, we had that remediated already. So, yeah, more on that later.)

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