Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello, My Name Is...

I started law school when I was 30, graduating at 33. My biological clock* starting ticking at about age 28-29. At that time I was dating a d-bag, dabbling in a wayward career as a media relations/media buyer/media sales rep (see what I mean?), and had no desire to be pegged in a traditional relationship. When the d-bag asked me where I was going to law school, I replied that I got the feeling it was irrelevant to him and me, and I think that became our only actual break-up conversation. I left his town for New York City.

Quite unluckily for me I entered law school in 2007, which put me in one of the worst positions for law students of all time. Only the class of 2011 could have paid more tuition for a shittier job market. But that is neither here nor there. What do you do when you graduate from law school? Try to find a job as a lawyer in a high-paying city. What do you do when you are a 33-year-old single woman who wants kids? Fling yourself desperately at any man who'll respond to your profile.

And when both of those things go horribly wrong--somehow!--you find yourself in your hometown with a sweet hometown boy, with a life that looks not unlike the plot in Sweet Home Alabama. :)

*I hate this term and don't really believe in using it, mostly because it is used to make women who want kids feel bad about themselves. It's in the genre of "soccer moms," which a lot of people will tell you is not pejorative. Um, sure, you just keep telling yourself that while also calling things you don't like "gay" and "retarded."

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