Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Wean and the Aftermath

Right about the time that I was going to cut him off, Junior self-weaned in one abrupt episode of late-night crying and nipple-biting. We were down to morning and night nursings, and the sessions were gradually getting less important to both of us. I was going to continue through the end of the year and then stop completely so that I could get my cycle back and start trying to conceive again. I ended up getting a light period a few days before The Wean, and then a normal period 30 days later. Commence the ovulation testing! Yes, I am a complete spazz and required that Senior have sex with me at least 10 times around my predicted ovulation date. Thank god it worked because that was exhausting and stressful. And we only had to do that once. Much respect to those who are not so lucky. This was mid-January and made my due date October 11, which was pretty cool because Junior's birthday was October 15. I thought that making one birthday cake instead of two each year would be fun for mom and dad. All along I did have a feeling that LJ (who remained unnamed and un-nicknamed throughout the pregnancy) would be born in September though. So two cakes it is. Thankfully I like to bake.

Well, Junior never looked back and that was that. I didn't miss nursing as much as I thought I might. Freedom! I only now sort of wish I had spent a little more time not nursing and not pregnant. But then if I did that I would have wished my kids were closer together in age. There is no winning with myself when it comes to things like this. Or anything, actually. But anyway I feel pretty lucky that it was as painless as it was. (Except for that last night of nipple-biting.)

With this pregnancy, I told my boss I was pregnant at about 18 weeks when it was getting difficult to hide it anymore. I know it is risky business, but I had told two colleagues prior to telling the boss. They both kept the secret. When I told one of the secretaries, I actually asked her instead how long she had suspected I was pregnant. It was at least a few weeks. She had a gastric bypass surgery the year before and lost over 100 pounds, so she was very size-conscious and I had seen her checking me out over the weeks. I guess I was putting it off, but when I finally told my boss, he said, "Oh, you're pregnant? Congratulations! Every child is a blessing." Thank you for being a practicing Catholic! So that was really fine. I'm pretty sure he's still not convinced that I'm coming back to work next month, but whatever. He is sexist and the worst kind because he doesn't know it even when you try explaining it to him with concrete examples. Like this:

After a day in court I told him that opposing counsel said about me and in front of me to his client that "they aren't all that pretty." My retort was "Why be competent when you can be pretty?" And I thought that was a pretty good comeback, so I was telling him. Then he told me a story about being at a deposition with "a VERY good lady lawyer," whom he holds in high regard--he emphasized this repeatedly--but she was just too scowly while cross-examining the witness. He told her to smile more, that she was much better looking when she smiled. And he was taken aback by her reaction that he really ought to STFU. He was trying to explain that the other lawyer was really giving me a compliment. Duh, because being told you're pretty when you're trying to do your job that does not involve being pretty, is totally appropriate. The smile thing is so much worse even. But when I tried to explain why he just would not believe me that that is offensive. The point of saying that my boss is sexist is to say that he likes women in their womanly roles and therefore he doesn't mind when I tell him I'm pregnant. Maybe I should stay put and go for Baby #3.

There was nothing especially eventful about work with respect to this pregnancy, except maybe that I was supposed to drive an hour and a half to a deposition the day after the night my water broke. So I think that catches us up on the past year of weaning and pregnancy as it pertained to my job. Coming up...Wow, I can't believe they offered me that "opportunity" and other job woes.

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