Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Parting Thoughts

Last Friday, a few days after it happened, I was thinking about 18th-century partner's question about whether my dad approved of my job change. I was walking back to the office about 4:00 after being off-site for an assignment and then taking lunch, ahem, I mean mountain biking. It was really warm out and I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and thin, but not shiny, thank god, bike shorts. Shorts. And my black ballet flats. All I wanted to do was slip undetected into the first floor bathroom with the locker room (my office is on the third floor), and change before anyone saw me. I was about to enter the building when who else but 18th century partner walked out. "Looking casual today," he said. Son of a bitch. "I was at a job site with [other partner]...Have a nice weekend, [18th-century partner]!" Silence.

My last day was uneventful. As was the entire last week, I guess. The other partner I work for sent me a nice, encouraging email. One of the associates I worked with on his work called me with some nice words as well. My "main" boss didn't really say much. I don't think he likes me, and I think I have been a thorn in his side for the past two years because there really wasn't a place for me in his group and I kept asking for more work/more money and he wasn't able to deliver it, but admitting that would make him look bad so he was stuck. And I was stuck but I got unstuck and I'm so happy I got out of there!!!!!! Still, he's a good sport and took me and a few other lawyers to lunch at a really good Syrian restaurant right across the street from the elementary school that my firm "adopted" for two years. It was delicious! One of the new associates has had lots of Middle Eastern food and helped me with the ordering (oh, by the way I'm half Syrian), and I loved showcasing the food of "my people" to the others. That took two hours. The rest of my time I spent cleaning out my office. I think I billed an hour and a half. I probably billed 15 hours for the week. I don't know why I had to be there but my boss wanted the customary two weeks. Which is funny because he is not replacing me (which is a good call, see above). I was happy to get paid to take long lunches mountain biking.

So, anyway, my last day was kind of like, "Peace out, fuckers!" But I pretended that it wasn't. 

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  1. Woo-hoo! There is something so liberating about a last day (even when it means a new job is around the corner)